Chiropractors Treating Animals

Animal Chiropractic Laws State by State

Updated September, 2019


Important:  This data was current as of September 2019 so please be advised that the following can not and should not be construed as the final word regarding whether it is legal or not in your state to perform chiropractic treatment on animals.  The following compilation took many months and involved contacting state boards in all 50 states and coding the data to make it easy to search and follow.  I did my utmost to provide accurate and current information on this subject but cannot certify complete accuracy inasmuch as state regulations can change at any time. So the responsibility is yours and yours alone to perform your own due diligence and to determine for yourself whether your particular state allows you to legally perform chiropractic treatment on animals and within which legal or regulatory parameters you are allowed to perform such treatments. I encourage you to follow the extensive links and contact information I have provided for each state to follow-up and determine the current status of your state for yourself. drkft

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Alabama Regulations



Talked with Sheila Bolton at the Alabama Chiropractic Board and she directed me to Section 34-24-120 paragraphs A & B and emphasized that Chiropractors in Alabama may only treat the human body. Under the Veterinary Regulations 34-29-61  (14 & 21) Animal Chiropractic is considered the practice of Veterinary Medicine.

Link to Regs:

Alabama Chiropractic Board

126 Chilton Place Clanton, Alabama 35045

Phone/Fax Numbers

Toll Free: 800-949-5838 / Phone: 205-755-8000

Fax: 205-755-0081


Alaska Regulations



NO Specific Regulation. However, talked with Thomas Bay, licensing examiner and he stated that Chiropractors in Alaska are only allowed to treat the human body. Apparently however, Animal massage therapists can massage animals under direct Veterinary Supervision.  Additionally talked with Veterinary Board's licensing examiner,  Ilsa Lund and she related: "There are no regulations on this. However, our board does not look favorably on people who are not licensed veterinarians treating animals. Therefore, if a chiropractor wants to practice on an animal, we advise that he or she do so under a veterinarian, and of course with the permission of the owner."

Licensing Examiner: Thomas Bay

Phone: (907) 465-2588

Fax: (907) 465-2974

PO Box 110806

Juneau, AK 99811-0806

Arizona Regulations



Martin W. Kollasch, DC, MBA, Executive Director, State of Arizona Board of Chiropractic Examiners emailed back: "Arizona laws and rules governing Chiropractic do not specifically address the treatment of animals, however, the state's veterinary laws and rules do." (Actually they don't on further research)

Victoria Whitmore, Executive Director, Arizona State Veterinary Medical Examining Board stated,"Under veterinary supervision would be ok if vet examines and determines chiropractic would help. Links:

However, Article 3, Section 32-2231 does mention manipulation on an animal as practicing Veterinary Medicine. It does not however mention Chiropractic, only equine dentistry performed under direct supervision of a Veterinarian.

State of Arizona Board of Chiropractic Examiners

1740 West Adams Street, Suite 2430,

Phoenix, Arizona  85007

Phone: (602) 864-5088


Arizona State Veterinary Medical Examining Board

1740 W Adams St

Phoenix, AZ 85007

Phone: (602) 364-1-PET (1738)

Arkansas Regulations



Talked with Laurie Mayhan, Director,

Yes Chiropractors are able to treat animals in Arkansas pursuant to the applicable regulations as follows:

(State Law does not prohibit )Any chiropractor licensed in this state and certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association from performing chiropractic upon animals so long as the chiropractic is performed under the immediate supervision of an Arkansas-licensed veterinarian;...


Arkansas State Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Laurie Mayhan


(501) 682-9015



California Regulations



Yes Licensed Chiropractors in the State of California can treat animals but must follow Title 16, Section 2038. Chiropractors licensed in the state must be under the direct supervision of the attending Veterinarian. No special additional training required. See: Title 16. Professional and Vocational Regulations. Division 20. Veterinary Medical Board. Article Practice. § 2038. Musculoskeletal Manipulation:

Board of Chiropractic Examiners

901 P Street

Suite 142A

Sacramento, CA 95814

Telephone: (916) 263-5355

Fax: (916) 327-0039

Colorado Regulations



Yes Licensed Chiropractors can treat animals in Colorado provided they are registered in the State as Animal Chiropractors. Or Chiropractors who have not completed all of the requirements to become registered must work under the direct supervision of a licensed Veterinarian. See the following for more information:

Board of Chiropractic Examiners

1560 Broadway, Suite 1350

Denver, CO 80202

Phone: 303-894-7800 | Fax: 303-894-7764 | Email:

Connecticut Regulations



Made many calls to both boards with no response or call back. The following was gleaned from studying the following. The Chiropractic Practice Act does not address Chiropractors treating animals. Chiropractic Practice Act:

I did receive a call back from the Chairman of the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners for Connecticut who stated unequivocally that Chiropractic in Connecticut is, "human spine only and that there are no proposed changes in the regulations to his knowledge."


However the Veterinary Practice Act delineates the following:

..."and the performance of myofascial trigger point therapy by persons experienced in that practice shall not be deemed to be the practice of veterinary medicine."..."For purposes of this section, “myofascial trigger point therapy” means the use of specific palpation, compression, stretching and corrective exercise for promoting optimum athleticism, and “persons experienced in that practice” means a person who, prior to the effective date of this section, has attended a minimum of two hundred hours of classroom, lecture and hands-on practice in myofascial trigger point therapy, including animal musculoskeletal anatomy and biomechanics, theory and application of animal myofascial trigger point techniques, factors that habituate a presenting condition and corrective exercise."

Veterinary Practice Act:

State Board of Chiropractic Examiners

 410 Capitol Avenue, MS #13PHO

P. O. Box 340308

Hartford, CT 06134-0308

Phone:   860-509-7603


Connecticut State Board of Veterinary Medicine

 410 Capitol Avenue, MS #13PHO

P. O. Box 340308

Hartford, CT 06134-0308

Phone:   860-509-7603

Delaware Regulations



Left many messages and received no responses. However researching the Rules and Regulations and License law statutes there is no mention of Chiropractors treating animals in any of the following:


Veterinary Rules & Regulations:

Veterinary License Law:


Chiropractic Rules & Regulations:

Chiropractic License Law:

Delaware Board of Chiropractic

Cannon Building,

Suite 203

861 Silver Lake Blvd.

Dover, DE 19904

Phone – Fax – Email

(302) 744-4500

(302) 739-2711

Florida Regulations



After leaving messages and talking with a number of individuals across a number of departments, "Alicia, we don’t give last names here,"Regulatory Consultant and Team Lead, Call Center for the Florida Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation escalated call to Veterinary Board where messages were left. Then

got a call back from Amanda Senn, Government Analyst who stated, "There are no written rules that speak to chiropractors treating animals, no written policy. There are guidelines that we recommend. Chiropractor can set up a referral service with a vet. The animal must be seen by the veterinarian. If the veterinarian believes that Chiropractic care is in best interest of the animal, then the Chiropractor can treat the animal under the direct supervision of the veterinarian."


Link: Go to -> Business and Professions ->

Veterinary medicine -> Statures and Rules -> Chapter 61G18, Florida Administrative Code -> 61G18-19.002

Department of Health

Board of Chiropractic Medicine

4052 Bald Cypress Way Bin C-07

Tallahassee, FL 32399-3257

(850) 245-4355


Florida Board of Veterinary Medicine

 2601 Blair Stone Road

Tallahassee, FL 32399-0783


Georgia Regulations



Georgia was difficult. They wouldn't answer anything over the phone but requested one to email them. We received an email response that begin with this, "Please note that the Georgia Board of Chiropractic and its administrative staff may not provide that which may be considered legal advice to any third party ....etc" Also there was nothing in the Chiropractic regulations that even mentioned animals.


Digging into the Rules from the Veterinary Board I pulled out the following:

"§ 43-50-44. Exemptions from article This article shall not be construed to prohibit:

(14) A person performing soft tissue animal massage or other forms of soft tissue animal manipulation;"


Georgia Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Professional Licensing Boards Division

Georgia Secretary of State

237 Coliseum Drive

Macon, GA 31217

Phone:  (478) 207-2440


Georgia Veterinary Medical Association

2200 Century Parkway NE

Suite 725

Atlanta, GA 30345

Phone: (678) 309-9800

Hawaii Regulations



Talked with Kedin Kleinhans, Executive Officer, Board of Veterinary Medicine. He said there had been two veterinarian Board meetings about this. April 15, 2009, approving licensed veterinarians performing chiropractic on animals. July 2010, approving chiropractors to treat animals under a licensed veterinarian.


Kedin Kleinhans, Executive Officer

Board of Veterinary Medicine

P.O. Box 3469

Honolulu, HI 96801

Phone: (808) 586-2694


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